We are a small Zoo Tycoon 1 Gamer and Desiner Group. This Group consists
of 3 Desiner. You need for all
Downloads from here, All Add-Ons.

We create all the animals here from the Games and Anime series.
The downloads we have all switched to "Media Fire".

What we also incidentally are statues and plants to
Beautification your Zoo.

You can now download anything in these areas:

  • Anime Tycoon
  • Scenery Tycoon < Update 27.06.2013
  • Tutorial
  • Game Tycoon < Update 27.06.2013

        Partner Site:

klick the Picture for the Pokemon Zoo Tycoon.

Important Information:

The picture with the Name: " Top "
stand for:

Coming Soon !!"

Currently we work on this Anime / Game Figures:

- Skylanders Pack put on hold !"
- Alien
- Ice Dragon

We work with high pressure on
animals ! "

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